The Band


Kamikazee Millionaires - Paul
Kamikazee Millionaires - Blip
Kamikazee Millionaires - Rob
Kamikazee Millionaires - Glyn

Set senses to stunned! It’s time for pure Rock “o” tainment.

We are Five ladykillers… (in a good way) with more rock mileage under the tyres than a Motorhead tour bus.

We like to do things differently. Playing from the heart the kind of music that gets your feet moving, crowd’s singing, and collective heart’s pounding.. WHY? cos it’s only rock n roll and we love it!

Playing Metallica, Van Halen, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, The Cult, Jimmy Hendrix, Poison, Lynard Skynard, Whitesnake, Pearl Jam AC/DC, Billy Idol to name a but a few.

Balls out rock n roll.

Two of the best guitar players you’ll see coupled by bad ass tub thumping and thunderous bass lines, add a splash of whiskey soaked vocals a shot of general mayhem, then add to that heady mix some classic ROCK covers and your looking at a great time out for all involved.

The band has existed under various monikers for 20 plus years, and has an unsurpassed live reputation for delivering the goods to enthusiastic audiences across Wales and England. We can be regularly found bringing the house down at the liveliest music venues across South Wales. We’ve done 1000’s of gigs, headlined numerous festivals, charity nights, pubs, clubs, weddings, appeared on the same bill as GLC, Killing for Company, Love / Hate and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Skinny Molly; we’ve even played a funeral…

We are what steps out of the phone box when most other bands step in. Just give two hours of your time and well give you the excuse to take the next week off work..

The only people enjoying themselves more than us are the audience!